100wc week 14

The Angry Monkey
  "These are the monkeys trained well enough to be sent to a family," the director of the monkey training company announced.    He pointed at those exceptional monkeys, but the smartest one wasn't one of them.   "Did you forget me?" The agile monkey instantly asked.   "Sorry, but you're not ready yet because of your anger problem," he replied. He didn't seem apologetic at all.    For that, the monkey decided to show his outrage by throwing his and everybody else's computer off the table. They landed with boisterous crashes. Clearly, he didn't care about getting into a family anymore.

100wc week 13

 "That evil witch better let us go. She can't keep us locked up in this dreaded place forever," Polly growled.  "Complaining isn't going to help, but I got a plan," I told her.    I whispered the brilliant plan to Polly. She was quite excited to get out. When we got to the last hallway, we crawled carefully out of the hallway. We were almost out, but the tiger was blocking our escape! Polly panicked while I just kept going. She followed silently.   "How did you do that?" She asked as we got out.   "Because I'm not one of the captured children," I answered slowly.

100wc week 12


 "Perfect day for a picnic,"she charmed as she basked. She was an energetic person so she seldom relaxed like this. It must've certainly been an odd day, because she took out a sandwich that she made herself. Cooking was not really her thing. As she munched into her sandwich, her face turned white and pale, so she hurried to the water fountain. The sandwich was absolutely disgusting! Suddenly, her calmness went away. It was like a dying phone getting its battery back. The last thing she said was, "I'm going for a run!"

100wc week 11


  Pulling me to the corner of the park, Sally whispered, "Come on! I'll show you something."  Looking at it, I shrieked. Quickly, Sally covered my wide-opened mouth.  Freaked out, I yelled, "What is this creepy statue?" Holding myself tightly, I shivered.  That night, the dark statue kept coming to my mind. Suddenly, I saw myself right by the scary statue. Stomping towards me, it seemed like it was going to get me. I shouted for help as loud as I could and there I was; safely in my bed.

100wc week 10

The Candy Trouble
    My sister and I dashed into the candy store right after our parents were gone. Our precious pocket money that has been saved for so long was ready to be used. We came out with bags that were just about to pop. That's when it hit us; but where would we hide it all? The panicking got even worse when suddenly the bags ripped and all the treats went falling. It was loud enough for people to gather around us. Two people from the crowd came storming towards us furiously. That's when we realized what a trouble we were in.

100wc week 8

Her brother was shouting out with joy like fire going off. She always felt the same, but not this year. She wondered what the feeling was; all she could think of was that she felt white inside. Trick or treating was over now and her brother forced her to eat some candy. Suddenly, she felt the candy swimming in her stomach. Munching all the candy, she could feel the candies that celebrated in her stomach. Now she knew that all she needed was sweetness. Snuggling in her bed, she decided to sleep in until late tomorrow.

100wc week 7

The StormAs the door of every house slammed, I knew it was happening again. All the playing was taken away by the thing we were all waiting for. I curled up in my bed, looking out the window. I stayed in my bed, hoping it would not strike me. I waited nervously with my eyes closed shut. I closed the curtains of my window because I couldn't bear looking at the storm. Suddenly, I heard the furious storm striking. I lost my mind. '' Is it me? " I mumbled. I couldn't think properly.